The Treacherous Three - Back To The Old School - Turn It UP [1999]

People talk about "rap pioneers" all the time, but have no clue about what they're talking about, especially when it comes to Hip-Hop! The T3 are true innovaters, originaters and trendsetters of the genre, even to this day! Why? Well, for starters, Kool Moe Dee is universally acknowledged as one of the 3 pillars (the other 2 are Melle mel and Grand Master Caz) and creator of the lyrical styles developed with in Hip-Hop, that are still in use to this very day. KMD, along with the rest of the crew (including Spoony G) are credited with devoloping the "fast rap" technique in Hip-Hop (listen to "THE NEW RAP LANGUAGE"). Also KMD and Special K were pioneers in the use of high-tech vernacular and superb eloquence integrated with in their flows. The song "BODY ROCK" was the first to incorprate rock guitars (way before Run-DMC). It's evident, the lyrical legacy of Kool Moe Dee is obviuos on too many Mc's like Percee-p, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, etc. all the way up to Big Pun (let's not forget LL). The Treacherous 3 are Hip-Hop legends, true pioneers and masters of the MC craft.

Buy it! The Treacherous Three - Back To The Old School - Turn It UP [1999]

01 - Whip It
02 - Yes We Can Can
03 - Action
04 - The Body Rock (LP Mix)
05 - Feel The Heartbeat
06 - At The Party
07 - Get Up
08 - Xmas Rap (X-Rated Version) f, Doug E. Fresh
09 - Gotta Rock
10 - Turn It Up
11 - Bad Mutha
12 - Dumb Dick

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