The Congos - Heart Of The Congos [1996]

There are many reasons why this collection is a brilliant and no-brainer choice for your collection.

1). Lee "Scratch" Perry's masterful use of the studio to help enhance the amazing talent that was already there. Perry's liberal use of studio technology that was at time quite radical but now all too commonplace, such as the Echoplex reverb, phasing (how I would love to have a Mutron phaser for my mixing board- audio engineers out there know what I mean), and his Soundcraft mixing board- so simple by today's standards, but boy, what he could do with what he had...jeez louise.

2). The Congos themselves- I am in no way implying that Perry was more important than the group, but newcomers are more likely to pay attention to a name they are more likely to recognize... The Congos had such amazing harmonies- Cedric Myton's blatent use of falsetto blends so beautifully with Roy Johnson's tenor. Add to that the backing vocalists that Perry employed to help complete these songs- Gregory Isaacs, the Heptones, Meditations- and the voices are as God's would be.

Buy it! The Congos - Heart Of The Congos [1996]


1 Fisherman
2 Congoman
3 Open up the Gate
4 Children Crying
5 La La Bam-Bam
6 Can't Come In
7 Sodom and Gomorrow
8 The Wrong Thing
9 Ark of the Covenant
10 Solid Foundation
11 At the Feast
12 Nicodemus
13 Congoman (12" mix)
14 Congoman Chant
15 Bring the Mackaback
16 Noah Sugar Pan
17 Solid Foundation (Disco Cork Mix)


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